Veazey/Veasey Mysteries

Part of what makes genealogy so much fun is piecing together the puzzles you find when searching old records. We have several such mysteries that we are still attempting to solve. If you have information regarding any of these lines, please email me at

There is brother, Thomas Veazey, who was born in Maryland, owned land in North Carolina, and disappeared off the face of the earth. We have no record of spouse or children, but surely he is responsible for some of these other question marks.

Like our famous James Veazey, Jr., he received state land grants in North Carolina. And he married the step-daughter of his name sake, the older James Veazey (who was the son of James and is sometimes referred to as James, Jr.). Could he belong to Thomas?

We are absolutely sure that the large Veazey family of Alexander City, Alabama, are connected to our group, but have not been able to determine exactly how. We believe the oldest ancestor of this group to date is James (Monroe) Veazey (who could have been a grandson of the above mentioned James Veazey, Jr. After James Monroe comes John Hart (sometimes referred to as John Henry), and his son, Zachary Taylor Veazey. If you think you may swing from this branch of our family tree, the genealogist of this family would welcome your inquiries. Please contact Orez V. Nichols at

And then there is Elisha Veasey who settled in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He is from Cecil County and both James Veazey (the elder) and his wife, Mary Mercer Veazey, mentioned their grandson, Elisha, in their wills. They just neglected to say by which of their children! Dennis Ardinger is the genealogist for the Elisha Veazey family and would welcome your inquiries. Please email him at:

Ann Davis

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